Index Methodology Study

The Connected Experiences Index uses social listening data to analyse brand experiences and create an engaging, considered and comprehensive study.

The Connected Experiences Index measures the impact of the experience in two ways:

Amplification: the ability of the experience

Sentiment: the ability of the experience impact on audience’s opinion positively. 

Working with Synthesio, we were able to measure the amount of social conversations that were generated from the experience (amplification), as well the quality of those conversations (sentiment).

1 – Connected Experiences Index Score

The Connected Experiences Index score represents the social effectiveness of the experience itself. This is the combined result of the volume and the quality of the social conversations generated by the experience.

The Connected Experiences Index Score = Amplification Score X Sentiment Score

The Amplification score is based on the total number of social mentions generated from the brand experience; covering 7 days, starting from the launch date.

The Sentiment score is based on Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score (SRS); Sentiment score = (% of positive mentions x 100 + % of neutral mentions x 50 + % of negative mentions x 0) x 100%. In order to achieve a fair comparison, we used the following criteria:

Channels covered: We used Twitter, Facebook and YouTube data. Due to the recent change of their API policy to retrieve historical data, Instagram data could not be included for this report.

Keywords: tracked the specific combination of “brand name” and “experience name or hashtag”.

Region: focused on the key regions where the experiences were created for.

Time periods: 7 days, starting from the date when the experience launched.

(A few experiences took place over several months, however we took data from the first week only, when the experience is generally most talked about).

The results achieved gave us the Connected Experiences Index Score that ranked the experiences 1-30.

2 – Connected Experiences Supercharge Score

As a wider analysis for the Top 10, we looked at the ‘supercharge’ ability of experiences. This is the effect of the experience on the brand itself. The level of social mentions generated from the experience compared with a baseline for the brand.

The baseline we used is the level of social conversations generated around the brand in the period of time without the particular experience being active.

For the top 10 experiences in the Connected Experiences Index, we compared the brand experience and brand baseline using the same metrics as before: Amplification, Sentiment.

The research criteria were as follows:

Channel covered: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Keywords: for brand baseline it tracked “brand name”; in cases of big ‘data noise’ from the main brand, the tracking also combined other keywords such as “sub- brand” name to be specific to that experience.

Region: kept the same region as the experience

Time periods: for brand baseline it covered 90 days.

Baseline readings were completed 30 days prior to launch date to eliminate impact of pre-launch noise.

"In this first study of its kind, we are looking into Social Engagement or 'Fame' for Brand Experiences, since the data is available and comparable via social listening. We are now exploring ways to extend the Index into Depth and Conversion metrics too."

Zhao Zhang, Lead Data Strategist


Synthesio, named the Global Leader by an Independent Research Firm, provides brands and agencies around the world with the social listening tools and audience insights they need to measure the impact of social and mainstream media conversations.

We collaborated with Synthesio to look into the number of social conversations were generated from the experience, as well the quality of the social conversations (sentiment, engagement rate).

How we chose the brand experiences

To ensure a neutral approach to the selection of Brand Experiences, we analysed 61 brand experiences event category award winners, from four different Award Organisations.

However, for the feasibility of this research, we were unable to compare all the experiences using Synthesio data, for the following reasons:

- We focused on brand experiences launched after 2016 as the back data prior to that is not fully comprehensive.

- We excluded brand experiences with insufficient data among those three social media channels covered.

-We focused on brand experiences hosted primarily in English speaking countries (i.e. UK, USA), with a few European cases where the hashtag is in English.

Awards Study & Quality

The experiences featured in the index were selected from the brand experience categories of four of the most well-respected creative awards bodies: Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Campaign Event Awards, D&AD and The Drum UK Event Awards. It ensures that the experiences included have already been validated for their creativity and success by industry leaders.

Campaign Event Awards

The Campaign Event Awards celebrate the most creative ideas, the bravest campaigns and the greatest innovations in experience marketing.


The D&AD Awards inspire and celebrate the best in design, digital and advertising. Winning a D&AD Pencil remains the pinnacle of many careers.

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

The Cannes Lion Award is the ultimate accolade for those working in creative communications. Each year, panels of industry experts review and award the world's finest creative work, setting the benchmark for the year ahead.

The Drum UK Event Awards

The Drum UK Event Awards recognise the experiential element of the marketing world, as well as rewarding those often behind the scenes within the industry.