Cheetos Museum
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Cheetos That Can Make You Rich

No two Cheetos are the same shape so the brand asked the world to find the most interesting shapes of the snack for a special Cheetos museum.

Launched with a series of online films featuring real cheetos found by real people, the brand challenged the world to find more.

The prize was no small fry with up to $60,000 offered to the person who could find a Cheetos that looked like someone famous, and up to $10,000 to the best image uploaded to the website of a Cheeto shaped like something else.

Then something extraordinary happened…fans began selling the odd-shaped Cheetos on Ebay, with one that looked like Harambe going for a whopping $100,000 dollars!

An exhibition was opened in Grand Central Station with the grand prize going to a Hot Cheetos Cat-shaped snack owner.

127,717 Cheetos were submitted, driving demand and resulting in the brand’s highest ever sales week, making it the most successful campaign in Cheetos history.