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Cadbury Creme Egg Hunting Season: Hunters' Lodge
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It's Hunting Season With Cadbury

Creme eggs are only around for 4 months of the year, so Cadbury wanted to take the fans’ excitement for them to the next level.

Although a TV advert launched the campaign, the hunting season was brought to life as fans were introduced to The Creme Egg hunters’ lodge- a vehicle acting as a secret hunting HQ that immersed the fans in the world of Creme Eggs to attempt the ultimate egg hunt.

A whole nation of hunters were recruited with an egg hunting Snapchat mask being created to rally the troops.

Guests could peruse the vehicle for egg hunting paraphernalia and were trained to find eggs, whilst being cooked a whole host of gooey campfire classics like smores, resulting in queues for the innovative experience snaking around the streets.

Guests were kept entertained in the queues as the real hunt became a virtual one with a hunt the egg style game to get them excited for the experience.