Google Home UK Launch
Product Launch
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Jack Morton Worldwide

Google Go Screen-Free For Google Home UK Launch

Google Home had already launched in North America, so press and influencers knew about it and its features well. With Amazon Echo already having significant head start in the market, Google needed to change the conversation for the release of Google Home in the UK.

The technology launch was turned on its head and a social dining experience was created instead, centred around the conversation about how our relationship to the internet has been a solitary one with only a remote connection to others. Google Home was there to shift the paradigm in favour of our social selves: from individual, screen-based interactions to shared, human experiences.

Guests were encouraged to put away their screens and learn more about how social settings can be enhanced by technology.

The launch conversation was kept informal with just a presenter and the product and guests were invited into other rooms of Google’s ‘home’ to experience first-hand a more social application of the internet.