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Boost Give Voters Their Say

There’s few places to vote in America, particularly for low income and minority voters who face longer lines, making it hard for those voters to get their voice heard.

Boost wanted to address this inequality and, as they already had a presence in those neighbourhoods, they turned their mobile stores into voting stations.

817 counties were called to find officials willing to stand up against inequality and, from 6am on November 8th, people voted at Boost Mobile Stores across the country.

Boost welcome became an official part of the election process and advocated for the unheard: shining a light on unequal access with voting rights groups and election officials.

The brand partnered with top hip hop artists to inspire people to get out there and vote.

It turned out to be the biggest day of early voting in Chicago history with Boost precincts voter turnout increasing by 23%.

Boost Mobile Stores continue to serve as official voting stations in the ongoing fight for equal access.