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Walkers Open Speakeasy-Style Crisp Sandwich Cafe

Walkers Crisps brought out its limited edition range of sandwich flavoured crisps and needed just as limited an experience to promote it.

The flavours included cheese toastie & Worcester Sauce, sausage & brown sauce, bacon & tomato ketchup, ham & mustard, roast chicken & mayonnaise and cheese, cucumber & salad cream.

Their immersive experience was housed within a pop-up cafe for crisp sandwich lovers. The speakeasy-style crisp sarnie club, with a secret walkway hidden behind a movable crisp shelf in a newsagents in London Bridge called 'Chris Peters News’.

Guests could build their own crisp sandwich experience, picking from a menu of bread, fillings, the limited edition crisp flavours and sauces.

The Club’s Maître’D invited members to sit back and immerse themselves in sarnie-themed antics, sights and sounds.