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Transport Accident Commission Victoria Created the Unforgettable Face of Road Safety

Meet Graham, the only person designed to survive on our roads. For
25 years the Australian Transport Accident Commission have been pioneers of shock advertising but accidents were back on the rise as Australians became desensitised. They needed a new way of communicating the message.

Part interactive sculpture, part educational tool, Graham shows how the human body would need to change to survive a low impact crash.

A trauma surgeon and road safety engineer worked with an artist to create Graham over several months, combining
decades of road safety data, medical research and creativity to deliver evolution, underpinned by evidence.

Each physiological change was a new source of information showing what happens to the human body in common crash scenarios.

Graham was introduced to influencers in arts, science and government before touring the country to areas where drivers were more likely to be in an accident.

Google’s augmented reality platform Tango was used to go beneath the surface of the skin and better understand his anatomy.

Within 24 hours Graham had sparked a global road safety conversation, caught the world media’s attention and went viral as the number one trending topic on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, boasting 89% message recall.

The most important impact was on future drivers and he is now part of the school curriculum.