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Shell make everyone part of tomorrow

Shell wanted to inspire millennials with stories of human ingenuity drawn from their open innovation programme, and motivate humans on a massive scale. How do you start a conversation about our energy future with a sceptical audience?

The best way to communicate what you believe is to actively demonstrate it and speak to your audience in a way they understand. That meant inviting millennials to experience, share and contribute to Shell’s Make the Future Live, a festival of ideas and innovation that travels to Detroit, Singapore and London.

Festival goers get to see the best minds from academia, society and government working together, and walk away with a better understanding of the energy challenges we face. For Shell, it is an ongoing engagement platform, helping them demonstrate their future vision and commitment to cleaner energy, while reaching millions online.

In 2017, 75,000 people attended globally, with 75% of visitors leaving with an improved perception of Shell. And it didn’t stop there, Shell made their digital mark too, reaching 180 million online.