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MLB Battlegrounds
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Bringing America’s Pastime into the Future
Baseball is America’s oldest sport. With the oldest fanbase. As Major League Baseball launched in Europe, how could they convince millennials that an old man’s game could keep pace?

On July 4th 2017, MLB ripped up the rulebook, reinventing the tradition of baseball to create a sporting spectacle like the UK had never seen. Battlegrounds was an incredible collision of sport, culture and tech. It wasn’t just a sporting event, it was an entertainment spectacular. A festival that celebrated the inspiring cultures of two iconic American cities: L.A. and Boston. Creating a new, accessible format in heart of London’s Hyde Park, that was watched live by millions.

MLB Battlegrounds was an Experience Platform designed to engage a clear ‘New Gen’ baseball fan audience. From Avid-baseball fan, through to pure ‘culture fan’. By building the layers of music, technology, food, fashion, and sport into the experience, there was something inspiring for everyone. Battlegrounds launched MLB not as a sport, but as a rich, multi-layered entertainment medium. A free day-long festival let fans access the most exhilarating aspects to baseball. With baseball All-Stars competing against England Cricket legends, fans could get intimately close to the action like never before, catching balls as they flew in to the crowd. A bespoke VR experience placed New Gen fans into iconic baseball stadiums, providing them with a personalised baseball card as a souvenir.

What better day to put announce MLB to Europe than July 4th? Creating what became dubbed, ‘London’s biggest 4th of July party.’ By taking over the iconic British Summer Time ‘Open House’ programme for the day, MLB could capitalise on a world-class rock stage with giant LED screens, full festival infrastructure and local food and drinks vendors, transforming it into something completely owned by the MLB brand.

MLB were one of Twitter’s first partners to trial their ‘Live Streaming’ product. Keen to establish the new platform in new markets, MLB used Twitter to Live Stream Battlegrounds Live, with a Twitter ‘moment’ associated to promote it and drive traffic. As a result, the 1.5 hour Home Run Derby-style contest had over 1 million viewers, each with an average dwell time of 4.5 minutes.

‘New Gen’ baseball fans are driven by visceral and unique live experiences which create that emotional power. MLB Battlegrounds used the overarching concept of ‘colliding team rivalries,’ with a festival backdrop to create an interactive spectacle that spoke directly to those drivers.