Kodak Quarter
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Amplification score – 54 (#ranking: 8)

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Amplification supercharge score – 70% (#ranking: 5)

Sentiment supercharge score – 109% (#ranking: 8)

Creativity at the heart of the Kodak Quarter

Kodak, having reinvented itself as a natural home for creative minds, looked to create a brand experience at drupa, the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world, that would showcase the creativity at the heart of the brand.

The result? The Kodak Quarter - an urban space made to look like a regenerated city hot-spot designed to celebrate the best of print media and provide a new way to structure Kodak’s offerings.

The audience got to experience the cross-over between the digital world and the real world with the ability to create actual prints you can hold in your hands. Images that can’t be shared with the world at the touch of a button and that still exist even when there’s no wifi.

The urban space was brought to life by a New York loft featuring unusual objects that could be printed by inkjets, a mini-mart stocked with the product packaging, whilst a gallery featured posters and a newsstand held paper prints.

Cafés were filled with designer coffee table books and meeting spaces with free high-quality prints that visitors were encouraged to take.

Distinctively branded yellow bags contained brochures and small gifts, providing a mobile brand presence as people who took them walked through the exhibition space.

81K visitors attended the Kodak Quarter at drupa and the campaign exceeded expectations achieving 181% of its revenue target, enabling Kodak to continue to empower creative people as they have done for more than a century.