Jaguar I-PACE VR Concept Reveal
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Jaguar Launches Car Concept with World Firsts

The automotive industry is undergoing a period of great innovation with new technological advances changing the face of mobility. Jaguar’s all-electric I-PACE concept car is their radical response.

A world first, live cross-continent VR product launch transported the audience into a unique virtual world to explore Jaguar’s all-electric I-PACE concept car.

The automotive industry is undergoing a period of great innovation with new technological advances changing innovation in the automotive industry. Therefore an equally transformative way to launch it was required. The only way to do the I-PACE justice was to electrify a new kind of audience, reinventing the car launch for a new motoring age.

The experience centred around a real-time, multi-user virtual reality car launch. It was fully integrated with the live experience and built around the largest network of HTC Vive headsets yet created at that stage. In another global first, Jaguar’s Director of Design, Ian Callum, and Vehicle Line Director, Ian Hoban, live-streamed into the event via VR to reveal the car. Two locations and six waves of guests were brought into a shared virtual space to experience the groundbreaking event.

Everyone shared the experience in VR but also personalised their experience, using the VR controller. In a magical moment, guests in London were connected, through the VR space, to guests in Los Angeles, with a live Q&A and interaction across two continents.

Driving new customer leads for the Jaguar I-PACE, the experience reached, engaged and converted at scale with over 3.9 million video views and over 150,000 unique website visits, helping to establish Jaguar's electric future. The VR experience content was also launched on HTC's VR channel, Viveport, to allow a new generation of audience to access and explore the stories and the car. By using Social VR technology in this way at the event and beyond, Jaguar permanently redefined the format of product launches, raising the benchmark for brand experiences.

Most importantly, the experience provided guests with unforgettable memories, describing it as 'awesome', 'ground-breaking' and 'mind blowing'. Jaguar had just created the showroom of the future.