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Adobe Reach New Heights

Adobe’s two-day marketing conference at ExCel London boasted the highest number of pixels ever suspended in the UK - 1,300 LED panels to be precise!

A two-day marketing conference that showcased Adobe as the undisputed leader in digital marketing. Popular for its engaging formats, timely content and world-class keynote speakers. More than 5,000 conference in London, coming from 60 countries, and representing 63% of Adobe’s entire half-year pipeline. The 2017 theme was focused around creating exceptional customer experiences.

A showcase for Adobe products and tools, the B2B event was a beautifully designed, theatrical experience; highly engaging, creative and interactive. Adobe tools were used at every possible touch point to showcase the brand’s creative credentials.

‘Summit Sneaks’, a peak at what’s being developed within Adobe labs, created reverence for the brand and anticipation for products. The event culminated in a ‘Summit Celebration’, a private concert with British alt-rock band Two Door Cinema Club. The format has become so popular it is now a yearly event, taking place from London to Las Vegas.

An interactive digital canvas was suspended over delegates heads allowing them to explore content via an OLED screen on their own terms. Delivering meaningful content in an emotionally engaging way, personalised to each visitor. A “digital landscape” themed party featured a futuristic landscape of digital trees, virtual-reality experiences and a spectacular interactive projection- mapped waterfall created countless shareable moments.

The speakers were an eclectic mix of world class talent and brand heads. From the likes of Colin Firth, Frank Lampard and Gabby Logan. As well as executives leading the digital transformations at some of Europe’s top brands, BMW Group, T-Mobile, The Coca-Cola Company. The depth of conversation and informed content incentivised people to share their soundbites, images and videos on social media.