Top 30 Index

Below are the Top 30 Connected Experiences of 2018. Please click on the different experiences for more information.

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"Created in collaboration with leading social intelligence platform Synthesio, the Index is compiled from the winning entries of the 2017 Campaign Event Awards, Cannes Lions events category, D&AD events category and The Drum Event Awards."

Christophe Castagnera, Head of Connected Experiences
#11 — #30


The Connected Experiences Index score measures the combined impact of the experience on the brand in terms of the volume and the quality of the social conversation generated.
The Connected Experiences Index Score  = Amplification Score X Sentiment Score.
The Amplification score (indexed) is based on the total number of social mentions generated from the experience; covering 7 days, starting from the launch date.
Sentiment score (indexed) is based on Synthesio’s SRS (social reputation score) formula
Sentiment score = (% of positive mentions x 100 + % of neutral mentions x 50 + % of negative mentions x 0) x 100%

The Connected Experiences supercharge index measures the impact of the experience on the brand compared to the brand’s baseline social performance, over a 3 month period.