Imagination’s Connected Experiences Index Report

The world of marketing communications is shifting rapidly to focus on Brand Experiences. According to the IPA’s Bellwether report, investment in event marketing has grown consecutively in the UK for four-and-a-half years. To celebrate the power of experiences, Imagination has developed the first Connected Experiences Index Report.

The Report is an impartial piece of research that shows tangible ROI through social amplification, connecting the experience with far wider audiences than those who attended in person. The Index ranks 30 brand experiences in order of success, based on engagement measured by social mentions and brand sentiment. The Index includes experiences created by a wide range of brands and sectors. There is also a deeper analysis to highlight the ‘supercharge’ effect that experiences create for brand engagement.

Created in collaboration with leading social intelligence platform Synthesio, the Index is compiled from the winning entries of the 2017 Campaign Event Awards, Cannes Lions events category, D&AD events category and The Drum Event Awards. The results were gathered using data from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to rank the experiences based on the number of social mentions and social sentiment generated. The analysis tracks the combination of the brand name and the experience name or hashtag, and is taken from a seven-day time period starting from the date at which the experience was launched.

The Top 10 have been further analysed to measure the ‘supercharge’ uplift that the experience created compared to baseline data for the brand, showing the power of connected brand experiences. The quality of conversations is measured through comparison with each brand's baseline interaction level, measured over three months, outside of the brand experience period.

The Top 10 features live experiences from the likes of Nike, Jaguar, O2, Samsung and Shell.

Experiences have the unique ability to bring to life transformational ideas. They are rapidly becoming more connected and immersive, with emotions being the trigger to drive engagement.

Patrick Reid, CEO Imagination

Return on Experience (ROE).

With 50 years of experience on delivering memorable brand experiences, and 10 years of analysing data though our XPKit digital platform, Imagination understand the keys to motivate engagement and human behaviour, which lead to conversion and sales.

Measuring the effectiveness of brand experiences is not only important to demonstrate the value of the marketing investment but also helps us learn where to improve. Our ROE model is designed and used to measure the effectiveness of the brand experiences in terms of three Key Performance Indicator (KPI) areas:

Reach and Fame 

Reach wider audiences, be shared and facilitate engagement online.

Depth and Engagement

Increase empathy and emotional engagement, affecting the desired behavioural change.

Conversion and Sales

An integrated part of a business strategy, supercharging loyalty and acquisition through CRM and personalised experiences.

These KPIs are bespoke to each project and are delivered for clients with confidentiality, as the data is often private or sensitive to their core business. Therefore in this study, we are only looking into the first KPI area - Reach and Fame - where the data is publicly available via social listening, whilst also being consistent and comparable. Meanwhile, we are already exploring ways to extend this research into the other two more challenging KPIs of ROE – Depth and Conversion - in the future phases.

Experiences create unique depth and reach, changing what people believe and how they act.